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Tower Street Finance – a deep dive into our sponsor for The Unsung Hero award category

About us

Who we are

Tower Street Finance is an FCA regulated provider of innovative funding products for the probate sector. We help both customers and practitioners who need financial solutions when they’re going through the probate process. We have an excellent Trustpilot rating and a five-star Defaqto rating for short-term probate loans.

We know that when someone dies, the journey from starting the probate process to distributing an estate can be lengthy, challenging and emotional. Our mission is to help both executors and beneficiaries navigate the financial challenges by creating a range of financial solutions.

We provide four products which can be shaped to find the right solution for our customers:

We have already helped hundreds of customers and have built relationships with many of the top professional probate administrators, law firms and IFAs.

Our story

School drop-off sparks an idea…

A specialist contentious probate lawyer and the founder of the UK’s largest debt purchaser get chatting while dropping their kids off at school in Harrogate.

The lawyer wants to help a client – an elderly widow whose story is relatively common.

Her husband left a large house, investments and assets but not a lot of cash.  Her step-kids are making her life miserable demanding their inheritance.

Probate and disposal of the assets will take 12 months minimum. There’s nothing anyone can do about that – it just takes time. She’d love to borrow money and pay them out in the meantime but with no income, no regular bank will touch her.

There doesn’t seem to be another option. The lawyer asks the debt purchaser if he knows of any credible specialist lenders who understand probate…

This led to our founding in 2019 and in 2020 we were approved by the FCA as a lender.

We launched our first product – Inheritance Advance – and wrote the first one in September 2020.

Our innovations

We’ve spoken to customers and partners before launching any of our products to get their feedback and we’re able to be flexible within those products to offer solutions where the customer may need something out of the ordinary – we don’t like to say ‘no’.

Since the launch of our first product we have launched three more.

Our awards

British Wills and Probate Innovation Award October 2020

Five-star rated by Trustpilot in 2021

Defaqto five star rated creating a new category (short term probate loan) 2022

For more information visit or call us on 0343 504 7100

Video overview of our Estate Expense Funding solution:

For more information on any of our services, visit our website, email [email protected]  or call us on 0343 504 7100.


Estatesearch recognising Private Deputyship Firms for the 2022 Probies

Estatesearch is delighted to be sponsoring the ‘Best Private Deputyship Firm’ award at the UK Probate Research Awards. This award recognises the vital role that deputyship firms perform in safeguarding the affairs of vulnerable clients. It rewards the important work they do in this specialist field and honours the trust and sensitivity of their role.

This is an area of great importance to Estatesearch, as one of our main aims is to protect vulnerable individuals such as those who lack mental capacity. We work with deputies up and down the country to achieve this through our comprehensive and efficient services, such as our Financial Profile Service which identifies missing assets in estates whilst mitigating risk.

For more information on any of our services, visit our website, email [email protected] or call us on 0330 900 1700.